Immigration (Department of Homeland Security) released a new rule which will impact many filing fees.  For green card applicants in the U.S., the filing fee for the adjustment of status is $20 less, but the filing fee no longer includes the travel card which would cost $490 and a work card which would cost $585.  In reality, those applying for a green card would pay a total of $2,185 or $2,215 (with $30 fingerprint fee) for an adjustment green card case filed in the U.S. with a work and travel card.  Right now, a green card application with the work and travel card costs $1,140 or $1,225 total (with $85 fingerprint fee).  This is a sharp increase in filing fees.

Another application that will be impacted is the naturalization application fee which would increase from $640 to $1,170.

Immigration has yet to release a date when the new fees will go into effect.  The rule is currently under a 30-day comment period.  If you are interested in filing a citizenship or green card case, now is the time to move forward, before the filing fees increase. 

This information is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice.  If you would like legal advice regarding your specific immigration case, please email or contact us here.


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